“This Is My Beloved Son, Listen To Him”

"Scripture indicates two ways in which we are to listen to the Lord, for to listen is to obey; it is not only to pay attention with the mind, but to pay attention with the heart.

Firstly, the mind must be filled with truths; it must be filled with the words of the Gospel, with all that our Lord has said, with all that Our Lord has done, with all that he taught. Then everyday we must place before us in meditation some words of that divine life while proposing to imitate it. This is how the mind gets filled with Jesus Christ.

Secondly, there is attention of the heart, the attention of the will which urges us to do what our Lord tells us to do, what he teaches us, what he shows us. Do not forget that he is the beloved Son; conformed to Him we can be the beloved sons and daughters of our heavenly father. If we want to please God, let us enter into that divine filiation which will make us agreeable in his sight, remembering that this is only possible by resembling Jesus Christ.

Listen to him; listen to him with the ear of your heart. Fill your heart with his teachings and do what he tells you."

—St. Marie Eugénie, 22nd February 1875


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