The Annunciation: The Love Which Brought Jesus Christ To The Earth

"God rates holiness above all His attributes. Holiness is what He is looking for before all else. What He wants is to create saints.

People reason as if God had wanted to create a kingdom or a doctrine, and not as if He had wanted to create saints. It is saints that God wanted to fashion through the mystery of the Incarnation. And see first how He descended into the womb of the Blessed Virgin, because she was absolutely holy. What the world will never understand is that the most attractive trait which can draw God here below is holiness. In the entire world there was nothing resembling this young fifteen year-old, because she was the holiest person on earth.

So, holiness was the first attraction, the first love which brought Jesus Christ to the earth. But saints are formed only in the lowliness in which our Lord is found in his Incarnation. Here is the root of all holiness. Here is the principle of renunciation of all the things of the earth and of the emptying of self so as to live from God, like God, in the will of God. Read the lives of any of the saints: you will always find that they gave up their own wills entirely; that they entered into the lowliness of humility, poverty and obedience; that giving all their love to God, they sought every virtue in what Our Lord had shown them in making himself so small in the womb of the most Blessed Virgin."

—St. Marie Eugénie, 15th December 1878


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