A New General Council Elected

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today the General Chapter elected our new General Councilors. With Sr. Diana they will be responsible for leading the Congregation in both the founding spirit and in openness to the new for the next six years. The General Council, 2006-2012, is now complete. Thanks be to God!

General Council, 2006-2012
The new General Councilors are: Sr. Maria Emmanuel Melocoton (Filipina, Provincial of Philippines-Thailand), Sr. Brigitte Coulon (French, Provincial of Mexico), Sr. Martine Tapsoba (Burkina-Faso, Provincial of West Africa), and Sr. Katrin Goris (Belgian, Provincial of Northern Europe).

We couldnt be more grateful for our new Council and count on your prayers as we move ahead into the future.

It is God who leads all and never could a more loving or wiser hand direct our destiny. (Blessed Marie Eugenie)