New AMAs Commissioned!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ecuador, England, Mexico, New Mexico and the Philippines are the destinations for this year's crop of Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA), who concluded their orientation with a Commissioning Mass followed by a barbecue on Sunday, August 17. Before the liturgy, when each promised to engage himself or herself in the service of others for the coming year, the AMAs had gone through an intensive program of activities designed to prepare them for the year ahead. These included work on community building, interventions on prayer, journaling, stress reduction and missiology, as well as an introduction to the Assumption both the sending communities of sisters and brothers in the U.S. and the receiving communities.

One of the highlights of the four days was a dinner attended by past AMAs who then spoke with the current group about their experiences. As it happened, a number of the AMA alums had served in the places where the new AMAs would be going, and so after the overall questions and answers, people made little conversation knots and kept talking about their sites, the people, the situation, and the religious community they would find there. It was a good moment for those about to depart, but also for those who could remember some of what several called "the most significant moment in my life."

Please keep our current AMAs in your prayer. They are:

Letty Williams to Quito, Ecuador
Nicole Patrick to Sibalom, Philippines
Paul Siska and Travis Beyer to Mexico City
Kirsten Klotz and Jeff Cipriani to Newcastle, England
Ellie Stonecash to Casa Maria Eugenia, Chaparral, New Mexico.

You can follow their exploits at the AMA website, which you can access straight from this one by clicking on the link:

God bless you, Letty, Nicole, Paul, Travis, Kirsten, Jeff and Ellie!