New Provincials Named

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sr. Diana Wauters, our Superior General, has announced the naming of five new Provincials in the congregation and the renewal of mandate of three others. Our own Sr. Mary Ann Azanza is among them.

There are sixteen Provinces and one Region in the congregation. 

Please pray for our new Provincials as they carry out their mission of service and animation in the congregation.


New Provincials

Sr. Mary Simon Catlin, Provincial of England.

(as of August 17th)

Sr. Maria Dolores Espinoza, Provincial of Mexico.

(as of July 24th)

Sr. Francoise Martin, Provincial of France.

(as of July 15th)

Sr. Marie Jeanne Francoise Mukanyamibwa, Provincial of Rwanda-Chad.

(as of September 8th)

Sr. Patrizia Maria Puricelli, Provincial of Italy.

(as of August 31st )


Renewed for a Second Mandate of Three Years

Sr. Mary Ann Azanza, Provincial of the United States.

Sr. Josiane Emmanuel Calomme, Provincial of Northern Europe.

Sr. Celine Fidelia Naboud, Provincial of West Africa.