Eleven New AMAs On Their Way!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eleven new Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMAs) finished their four day orientation seminar and at the 10:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, August 16th at the Assumption College Chapel in Worcester, MA were sent off to their mission sites by the Assumption Sisters and Brothers and many family members and friends. Their promise:


"Before God, I _________________, now commit myself to a year of service as an Associate Missionary of the Assumption.  I ask you, sisters and brothers, to witness my commitment to live the Assumption spirit of community, prayer and service, and to support me with your prayer and friendship.  I entrust myself to the love of the Father, the grace of the Lord Jesus, and the power of the Spirit. Amen."

For the next year, these eleven young adults will live and work with Assumption Sisters and Brothers and other volunteers in different parts of the USA and the world, living out their Christian faith in service and solidarity. Where will they go?

Emily Ceraul, Sarah Gombar and Sonia Arana Osorio to Chaparral, New Mexico.
Lee Maleno and Madeleine Zaehringer to Worcester, Massachusetts.
Brendan Carey to Mexico City, Mexico.
Michael Sheerin to Quezon City, Philippines.
Rebecca Ickes and Janice Reyes Amaro to Newcastle, England.
April Hoffman and Nicole Aldubayan to Quito, Ecuador.

At the orientation seminar, one AMA alum shared how he learned during his year in Worcester how important it was to always say 'yes' during one's volunteer year, to be open to what may be learned from people and experiences, and to be ready to move out of one's comfort zone into the life situations of others. Let's keep our AMAs in prayer as they live out their 'yes' this coming year. Yes!