An Advent Postulant!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What better way to welcome the Advent season than to welcome a new Sister into the congregation? On December 2nd, the first Sunday of Advent, Akeneta Vulase Lalakobouma was received by Sr. Nuala, U.S. Provincial, as a postulant of the Religious of the Assumption. Alleluia!

In the presence of Sr. Nuala and the Sisters and lay friends of the Worcester community, Akeneta made her request for admission:

"I humbly ask of you, Sisters, to accept me as a postulant in the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption. I beg you to pray for me, so that I may share in the life of the Assumption, with a real love for Jesus Christ and the desire to live according to the charism of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus."

In response, Sr. Nuala gave her the postulant's cross with these words:

"Akeneta, Christ loved us and has delivered Himself for us. Receive this cross as a sign of His love for you. May His redeeming obedience to the Father be continued in your life."

The postulancy may range from six months to two years. During this time, Akeneta will be initiated into our way of common prayer and be helped to strengthen her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She will come to know our congregation its history, spirituality and charism. She will share in some aspects of our apostolic life and live our ordinary life in community, taking her turn at cooking and household chores (like shoveling snow!). Her voice will join ours as we chant the Liturgy of the Hours, and she will be with us in daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and celebration of the Eucharist.

As our Rule of Life says:

"Jesus Christ called to Himself those whom he desired. He called them just as they were, by their name. He chose the apostles to be with him, gradually introducing them to his way of life. Staying with him and sharing his life, they learned to know Him and to rely on him, letting themselves be conformed to him, even unto death.

The Spirit is still at work forming the Church, revealing in her the unsearchable riches of Christ so that she can ceaselessly proclaim him to the world. In and through her, Jesus continues to reveal his love to those whom he chooses, so that they may leave everything for his sake."

Welcome to the Assumption, Akeneta! We accompany you with our prayer and affection. The adventure has just begun!



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