Falling In At Assumption Center

Saturday, November 15, 2014

You've heard of falling out with someone? Never a good thing! But how about falling in?? That's what we did on Saturday, November 15, at Assumption Center.


Our falling in gathered together our Cana community and many of the friends of the Center -- everybody from the knitters of Friday morning to one of the children who comes to mentoring and everyone in between! Lots of homemade cookies provided by Sr. Akeneta, zucchini bread made by Sr. Therese and goodies brought by our guests were washed down with coffee, tea and cider amid a lot of conversation.


Former AMAs (and residents) of the Center, Lee Maleno and Kristen Penkala, came by to spend some time, as did Fr. Charles Omolo, the assistant pastor at St. Peter's - St. Andrew's Church. Fr. Charles, a native of Kenya, almost won the prize for being from the farthest away, but he was just nipped by the presence of our own Sr. Maria Emmanuel Melocoton, who's on a visit to the States from the Philippines! Paula, our AMA Maria's cousin, took a break from her studies at Northeastern University in Boston to fall in with us. We also were happy to welcome Rose Scott, Pauline Pinkes and Barbara Engwall of the Warm Hands, Warm Hearts knitting group organized by Sr. Therese; people were impressed by how these ladies have spread the gospel of knitting to so many of our AMAs, including Maria, our AMA from Mexico City. Pauline said of Maria: she's a natural knitter. High praise indeed!


The Cana community were gracious hostesses to all of us, and we had a great time.