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•  Do you find yourself thinking that “there must be something more to life”?
•  Do you sense that you might want a life of prayer and contemplation?
•  Do you want to serve and contribute to making the world a better place?
•  Do you want to live in a community and be a part of something bigger?

Becoming an Assumption Sister starts with a love for Jesus, a love for people, and a desire to build the Kingdom of God. Assumption Sisters are called to live and love according to the Gospel in communities that are committed to effecting change in society through prayer, education, fellowship, and other apostolic work. Our worldwide congregation is comprised of more than 1,100 Sisters from more than 40 nationalities.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page answers initial questions about trying your vocation with us in the Assumption. If what you see on this page and throughout our website seems promising, you're invited to take the next step and contact our vocation director. Then, you can ask your own questions and get a sense for whether the Assumption might be a good place for you to continue your pilgrimage.

Whether you find what you’re seeking with us or somewhere else, we hold your search in respect and in prayer. We know that it’s not easy to go “against the traffic,” but we believe that kind of travel is worth it. You might see, hear, and experience marvelous things on your journey.

Vocation Director
email: / Phone: (508) 793-1954



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an Assumption Sister

We've outlined the process for becoming an Assumption Sister in a downloadable guide.

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