On the Betrayal of Jesus

"Look at Our Lord at the moment when he is delivered into the hands of his executioners, betrayed by one of his disciples, denied by another, abandoned by all.

What remained of his Church at the foot of the cross, where he died abandoned by his own, abandoned even by his Father? As God, he saw clearly that his Church was founded and that it would exist till the end of time, in spite of persecutions and the fury of hell. But as man, he suffered inexpressible pain from the flight of his Apostles. Only Mary was there to share in his sorrow, with Saint John and some holy women.

If we were at that moment of the Passion in Jerusalem, if we were allowed to offer refuge to Our Lord, would we not have been happy to bandage his wounds, to lavish our care on him, to surround him with respect, with adoration, with love? Well, let us open our hearts to him when we receive Holy Communion."

St. Marie Eugénie , Easter 1885

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