Devotion to the Sacred Heart

"When Our Lord showed His Sacred Heart to Blessed Margaret Mary, He showed it to her surrounded with thorns, pierced deeply. When He said to her: “Behold this Heart which has so loved mortals,” He also said to her: “Behold this Heart which has suffered so much for love of mortals.” What shall we give back to Our Lord for this love if it is not the spirit of sacrifice? I think that this is the great devotion we should have to the Sacred Heart; look and see what spirit of sacrifice there is in you and seek to enlarge it.

Everyone has their share of suffering in this world. For us, as soon as intense sufferings come, we must accustom ourselves to offering them to God, stripping ourselves as much as we can of self. This is especially true of all the occasions which involve our egoism: it is there that constant sacrifice is necessary in order not to give in either to pride or to self-love.

St. Augustine says that the first Christian virtue is humility. When someone asked him, “What is the second?”, he answered, “Humility”. “And what is the third?” Again he replied, “humility”. Then they asked, “When would you name another?” He replied, “All the virtues are based on humility; it is humility which makes the Christian and the Religious; where there is no humility, neither is there a Christian nor a Religious, because humility is the renunciation of oneself.” The spirit of generosity must therefore be with us continually, to enable us to welcome the sacrifices which present themselves at every moment with regard to self-love.

I believe that it is above all from this point of view that we ought to envisage the devotion to the Sacred Heart in order to establish within us the generosity, the love of sacrifice, the acceptance of all the trials of soul, of the spirit, of the body, which God might send us."

—St. Marie Eugénie, 3 June 1881


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