Entering Into The Paschal Mystery

In 1873 Marie Eugénie wrote of her desire to enter more deeply into a relationship of abandonment to God, imitating Christ in his passion. Let us echo her resolutions this Lent, preparing ourselves to enter into the Paschal Mystery.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, send forth your Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our hearts, that in contemplating the mysteries of Christ’s passion, we may learn to imitate His example.

Following St. Marie Eugenie, we pray that we may,

keep ourselves united to your will in all events, receiving all from your hand with confidence;

never mistrust your Divine Heart; that we may throw ourselves upon it with hope and love, believing that Jesus opens it to us and calls us there;

prepare ourselves to become accustomed to bear privations, difficulties and contradictions with good grace, gently and pleasantly.

Lord Jesus, you endured the Passion and Cross for our salvation. Help us to grow in knowledge, love and imitation of you. Teach us to empty ourselves of all that is not in conformity with you, that our lives, like yours, may be lived to the glory of God the Father.


St. Marie Eugenie, pray for us.


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