On The Feast Of The Blessed Trinity

"The object of our faith is first and foremost the Blessed and Adorable Trinity whose feast it is today. It is by Our Lord that we know this mystery. … How often, in the Gospel, does Jesus tell us that His words are the words of the Father; that what He says, He says not of Himself; that those who hear Him hear God’s word? This is obviously true since Jesus is God; His word is the word of the Blessed Trinity.

One thing I specially recommend to you is unbounded trust in God. By this we are sure to have God Almighty with us and for us. It makes us His children in a special way. … Let us give ourselves to Him with boundless trust, with perfect surrender, with complete abandonment of ourselves into His hands, saying: “Since I am His child, He is my Father. And what greater support could one have than the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?”

—St. Marie Eugénie

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