On the Feast of St. Joseph

"Talking about St. Joseph, I will just mention two or three things where we should to try and imitate him: his simplicity, his obedience, and especially his abounding love.

His love was for Jesus and Mary, Jesus and Mary were everything to him. Jesus and Mary were his life, his love, everything centred on them. There he is our model.

There was nothing extraordinary in St. Joseph's life. He did everything which God told him in simplicity. He observed God's law with simplicity. In his simplicity, he became the greatest of the saints after the Virgin Mary, because he kept his eyes on Jesus and Mary and lived only for them.

That's how we can all be. Always doing what God wants, as he wants it, because he wants it. Doing his least wishes to the letter, walking uprightly and with simplicity before God, living only for Jesus and Mary and making that the basic principle of our life, our aim, our peace, the reason for our smallest as well as for our greatest actions.

In this simplicity, which permits no reasoning or objection, lies the complete obedience which, when it realizes that something is God's will - it knows or has been told - starts to do it.

That is the right kind of devotion to have for St. Joseph. … We should put our real devotion into imitating his fidelity to the law, his prompt obedience, the simplicity of his love."

— St. Marie Eugénie, 26th April 1874


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