The Joy Of Easter And The Eucharist

"The joy of Easter is, first of all, a solemn, deep joy, a joy of eternity. For the Apostles, for the disciples, for the whole nascent Church, after having seen our Lord in such suffering, in such anguish, the hour of the Resurrection was undoubtedly a time of joy, a joy which, as with all passage from pain to a great joy, must have something solemn and profound in it.

... Easter is a great day, a day in which we ourselves must try to go from one life to another life. You know that is the meaning of the word Passover. How the Apostles were transformed! How, from weak beings before the day of Easter, they became strong, full of faith, ardent! How they began to be soaked in the spirit of the apostolate that would confirm in them the grace of the Holy Spirit! We have already received the Holy Spirit in such a way that Easter can produce all its transforming and forward-moving effects. 

Try to allow the Spirit entrance everywhere, that He penetrate everything…that He reign everywhere, enlighten everything, transform everything, lead all on the paths of eternity, on the paths to heaven.

… The joy of Easter, a deep joy, a joy that transforms us… a joy that consists in renewing ourselves in the joy of our vocation, in wishing the same good to all, the same dwelling…"

—St. Marie Eugenie, MME, Chapter 13 April 1879


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