Living With The Resurrected Christ In The Struggles Of Everyday Life

“Since you have been brought back to true life with Christ, you must look for the things that are in heaven, where Christ is, sitting at God’s right hand. Let your thoughts be on heavenly things, not the things that are on the earth.” [Colossians 3: 1-2]

Marie Eugenie invites us to plunge wholeheartedly into the mystery of the Resurrection; to “live by the divine life Our Lord brings you in His resurrection.” She encourages us to “take on the Spirit of the Resurrection; a more courageous, a stronger spirit, which rises above difficulties and sufferings.”

For Marie Eugenie the mystery of the Resurrection brings “a deep joy which transforms us, which is adoration…” However, the Resurrection also invites us to engage in a spiritual struggle, since each person has their own “field of battle and triumph.”

The place of ‘joyful detachment’ in Assumption Spirituality sheds light on what Marie Eugenie means by this struggle, this “spirit of self-denial proper to the Resurrection”. Referring to Colossians 3, she teaches that, “in order to live by this higher life, we must renounce the earthly life.” Thus, she teaches that, “Instead of bewailing what we recognise as the will of God, we make the best of it, with a certain joyful detachment… Let us not complain unendingly about our crosses.” To moan, to be disconcerted, to reproach God, aren’t these the real sin? It is as if we were trying to escape from the human condition, trailing life like a burden we are unwilling to shoulder. The resurrection, as Marie Eugenie presents it to us, invites us to take up our cross, that is, our life, like a banner.

St. Marie Eugénie

[Based upon "Resurrection" by Sr. Helene Marie r.a, in "The Faith of Marie Eugenie Today" Conferences given in Auteuil, 198O.]


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