Meditating on the Passion of Jesus

In Lent 1873 St. Marie Eugénie wrote about the importance of meditating on the Passion of Jesus:

"Among many possible practices for Lent, one of the most useful, I think, is to meditate on Our Lord’s Passion. All the saints and all the masters of the spiritual life insist on this, especially St. Thomas Aquinas.

Indeed there is no stronger motive for ardent love for Our Lord than the thought of the love He showed us by dying for us on the Cross, when He was so ill-treated, hatefully abused, amid the most painful and cruel circumstances, with anguish of soul and body, and the indifference of his friends. The very apostles themselves had fled. In bearing all this He gave us the supreme proof of his love, as He himself has said: “This is the greatest love a man can show, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Certainly to give one’s belongings, one’s wealth, one’s affection is a proof of love. But nothing can be compared to the gift of one’s life and Our Lord made this gift in his Passion in the most painful circumstances, the most cruel sufferings.

And He bore it all without complaint."

St. Marie Eugénie


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