Press Kit for Mother Marie Eugenie's Canonization

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The congregation's Central Canonization Committee has put together a Press Kit with information on Mother Marie Eugenie, the Religious of the Assumption, and the upcoming canonization on June 3rd, 2007.

We make this Press Kit available to you so that you can get to know Marie Eugenie and the Assumption Sisters better, and to inform you of some of the more important details regarding the canonization.

Please take note that the schedule of the canonization weekend as written in the Press Kit was modified as of March 29th, 2007. Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no audience with the Holy Father on June 4. For the final and complete schedule of activities, including a map of Rome where significant events will take place, please go to: updated schedule of activities.

Press Kit


  • Chronology of the Cause of Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • Important Dates in the Life of Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • Biography of Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • A Miracle Attributed to Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • The Icon of Saint Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • The "Credo" of Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • The Spirituality of Marie Eugenie of Jesus
  • The Religious of the Assumption in the World
  • Assumption Together
  • The Five Families of the Assumption
  • The Theme and the Program for the Pilgrimage to Rome
  • Bibliography regarding Marie Eugenie of Jesus and the Assumption
  • Contacts