August 12: Day 7 of the Novena for the Feast of the Assumption

Saturday, August 6, 2016


At the Cenacle we see Mary presiding over the community of apostles and disciples with love and prayerful hope. Mary’s presence is fundamental for communion. Mary is there in the missionary beginnings of the Church, as she was at the start of the evangelical activity of Jesus. It is good for us to think of Mary, Mother of Jesus, belonging to this community of faithful disciples, listening with docility to the apostles and participating in their Eucharistic celebration.

In our journey of hope with Mary, this attitude of communion is fundamental. Mary lived it in silence, prayer and the experience of the cross. Communion demands detachment and death. It demands encounter and reconciliation. Above all, it demands a total fidelity to the Word of God.

The total mystery of Mary is a mystery of communion - between heaven and earth, between God and humanity, between contemplation and service - because her whole life was a pure obedience of faith to the Father’s will. Mary’s fidelity renders communion possible. Communion, in reality, is a concrete expression of fidelity.

(silent reflection)


Blessed are you, Lord God! The Virgin, full of grace, was total availability to your Word. Through her intercession, open our lives to Him who wants to be born in us as he was one day born in her, Mary, the mother of your Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.