A Once-in-200-Years Experience

Monday, September 4, 2017


From August 16-26, 2017 close to 300 young adults from more than 30 countries in which the Religious of the Assumption are present journeyed through France on a pilgrimage to celebrate the 200th birthdays of Saint Marie Eugenie and Mother Therese Emmanuel, co-foundresses of the congregation.  The U.S. Province was happy to send a delegation of 15 pilgrims to participate in the experience: Ally, Kate, Lee, Mary and Sandy from Worcester; Imani, Jean-Yves, Melissa, Tory, Willemina and Yoline from Philadelphia; and Kyle from Chaparral.  With them were Sr. Mary Ann (Worcester), Sr. Nha Trang (Lansdale) and Sr. Ake (Chaparral).  St. Marie Eugenie's invitation to "live as fully as possible" was the theme that guided the activities, prayer and discussions throughout the ten days.  This video, more than any words we can write here, shows you how fully those days were lived.  Truly a once-in-200-years experience!