Simple Abandon To God

"When you cannot meditate, stay at our Lord’s feet as the greatest poverty before the one who is rich in everything good and can give all to you. Several comparisons have been made: You are a poor earth which produces neither fruit nor flowers; miserable, arid soil that needs to be watered by grace. This grace comes from Our Lord. The earth has to be warmed and He is the sun of justice and holiness; let his rays shine on you.

If your lips are dry and a spring is before you, you know that, if there is nothing to unite your mouth to the water, you will stay thirsty. It’s not enough that the spring be close, that Jesus be in the house, nor that you go to chapel. You have to create a channel between the water and your poor, dry and cold soul. Try to create it by attention, by supplication, by ardent desire.

You don’t need many words. Look at the Samaritan. Jesus said to her: If you knew the one who tells you ‘Give me a drink’ you would ask him for living water. And she exclaimed: Lord, give me that water, (John 4:10). God sees your heart; in this prayer of simple presence to God, let this be the intimate cry of your heart. Ask Jesus to give you his grace, his Spirit, himself.

You are cold. Who isn’t cold in comparison with the saints? Present yourself to God as a person freezing with cold would seek the sunshine. Stay there as long as you can and let yourself be penetrated by the sun of justice and love. The longer you remain in his presence in this attitude of faith and humility, the more grace will come to you and the more fruit you will receive.

You lack virtues. As we receive grace and the ardour of love from Jesus, we can expect his virtues to come into our souls in the measure that we are united to him and give ourselves to him. By the ardour of your prayer, try to establish this bond which will make Jesus living in you overcome your defects. Beg him to cure you as he did the poor sick people who followed after him in Judea. Tell him that you want to sacrifice everything so that he can live in you. Ask him for grace and strength. Make acts of desire, of adoration, of love and thanksgiving.

When you are in this prayer of simple abandon to God, you belong to God. Ask for the graces you need for that to be true, so that you depend on God, so that you are truly a living branch, living on the sap of the true vine, Jesus Christ."

—Saint Marie Eugénie, 14 November 1884


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