St. Marie Eugénie Speaks Of The Assumption

The Assumption, A Mystery of Adoration

"You are daughters of the Assumption. This mystery which is more of heaven than of earth is a mystery of adoration. In Mary all was adoration; never was a right of God ignored or offended in her. If there has ever been an adorer in spirit and in truth, it is truly the Blessed Virgin. And when, departing from this world, she received the glory which crowned her grace, she was taken up into heaven to remain there eternally all adoration and love."

—From the Chapter of St. Marie Eugénie, February 24, 1878

The Spirit of the Assumption: Joyful Detachment

"The spirit of the Assumption tends towards a joyful detachment from earthly things and a going beyond trials and difficulties without complaining or wasting our time over them.

The Blessed Virgin calls us to rise with her to a celestial life by placing our thoughts and affections in heaven.

As we liberate ourselves from useless words and actions, complaints, worries and worldly affairs, we make the kingdom of God present. We speak more often to God and of God. Everything is to be gained here, and if there is anything to be lost, it is a certain need to think about ourselves. Let us ask God to take this need away.

Let us leave lesser and inferior things under our feet so that we can continually raise our minds and hearts towards God, busy ourselves with God, seek God, see God, talk about God and love God."

From the Chapter of St. Marie Eugénie , May 19, 1878


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